“I want you woven into a tapestry of love,

in touch with everything there is to know of God.

Then you will have minds confident and at rest,

focused on Christ, God’s great mystery.”

—Colossians 2:2-3, The Message

Have you ever felt like PTSD has tied your tapestry in so many knots that you’ll never get untangled? And even as you pick away at the knots, PTSD is busy tying you up in another place. It’s exhausting, demoralizing, and hope-devouring.

I’ve been there, and I may be there again at some point. But you can stop this endless tangle.

  • Keep working on the knots. Read helpful information, reach out to others, get counseling, ask about prescription medicine, join support groups.
  • Remind yourself to be present. Don’t let your mind disengage from counsel or conversations. Your mind once protected you by hiding you away from terrible realities. Teach it to help you stay in the present, where the real help can be found.
  • Reach out every day. PTSD wants you to isolate. Do the opposite to recover. If you tend to stay home all the time, go to the grocery store, take a walk, participate in online help groups. Then you’ll have something tangible to be proud of. You can build on that.
  • Tell your story. If you haven’t told anyone your story, tell it to a confidential group or to a trusted friend or confidential online group. Keep telling it. As you tell it, you’re processing the hurts in your story. One day you’ll be able to tell it without crying. Then you can put it away and focus on your new life.
  • Start your day with Jesus. Set a time when you’ll be out of bed and dressed in the morning, and don’t miss your deadline. Drink water, juice, coffee, or tea.
    • On a sheet of paper or in a journal, write down:
      • Worries or concerns that are making it difficult to concentrate right now
      • Praises for God’s promises, power, and presence
      • Prayer requests
    • Read a short devotion and some Bible verses.
    • Meditate on all this for a minute. Pray if you feel like it.
  • Keep Jesus with you. Throughout your day, talk to God. “I need help.” “Thank you for …” “I’m afraid.” “I know you’re here.” I’m not sure exactly why this works. (Maybe because Scripture says this is what God wants from us.) Slowly your focus changes from your troubles to God’s power, presence, and peace.

Every one of these actions loosens knots, straightens out thoughts, and reveals more of the tapestry of your life to come.

Yes, progress may be slow and successes rare, but you’re building a healthy new you that will improve in small steps and later in leaps and bounds.