June 3 Fact

Today is Sunday. That won’t matter to some people who have PTSD. This relentless mental illness destroys the faith of many PTSD victims.

“How could God let this happen?”

“I thought God wanted good things for me. But PTSD has demolished my life. Is that good?”

“I gave God 40 years of devotion, and look what I get.”

“The people in my church tell me to confess my sin, and I’ll get better, or even to thank God for what happened.”

If you know someone this has happened to, you can:

  • -Listen, listen, listen. They must tell their story time and time again to work through it.
  • Avoid criticizing or using platitudes. This drives people farther away.
  • Learn about PTSD so you better understand what they’re going through and can find resources that could help them.
  • Stay in a relationship with the PTSD victim. This person may be difficult to love, but love is exactly what they need.
  • Pray sensitively. If the person is sincerely rejecting their faith, pray when you’re away from them. God’s power can come through you to sustain this person until one day they may be able to believe again.
  • Love the sufferer deeply.

Thank you for caring enough to read this. Blessings on your Sunday.