June 24 Fact

Can PTSD Be Cured?

This question usually causes great controversy among both professionals and people who have PTSD. No one wants to say PTSD isn’t curable.

A better question might be:

Can PTSD be controlled?

The answer to that question is most often a definitive “yes” from both professionals and PTSD victims. Now you can breathe a sigh of relief: PTSD doesn’t have to ruin your life forever.

But it does take time, diligence, professional help, and medication to take control of this brain-changing disorder.

In my research, I came across several facts about the nature of PTSD and why it can’t be cured, only controlled:

  • The trauma that caused PTSD did happen, and it did make changes in your brain. You may be able to compensate for the changes, but you can’t ignore the fact that they occurred.
  • PTSD is a mental illness, and mental illnesses can only be managed, not cured.
  • PTSD causes permanent psychological and physiological changes.
  • Even when people are symptom free, PTSD can come back at any time (usually when another scare or trauma occurs).

It’s said that PTSD is viewed as the “cancer” of the psychological world. I see some good news in that. Once, cancer was always deadly because we knew so little about it. Today, our understanding and treatment options “cure” thousands of people every year, giving them a good chance of survival.

Personally, after 7 years I have finally forced PTSD to take a backseat in the journey of my life. I’m moving on, and I’m in the driver’s seat. At least for now.


Do you think PTSD can be cured, or only controlled?