When trauma hits, shock waves shoot through your life. PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) sweeps in next and shatters your very being. What’s left of you (not much) begins a sojourn into suffering.
Did something like this happen when you got PTSD? It’s not everyone’s experience, but I know it well because it’s mine.
For five years (not long, by most people’s experience) PTSD completely controlled me. But in year four, I took a temporary stand against it. That year, I realized I had to move far away from the ongoing trauma to save what was left of myself.
While I repelled at least some of PTSD’s symptoms, I figured out how to hire a mover, then buy a house and a car in my new location. I also concocted a plan so my large support dog could fly with me in the cabin of the plane. (Ask me about this sometime.)
These momentary victories showed that I could yell “STOP” and fend off some of PTSD’s symptoms, at least for a while. I spent years six and seven separating myself further from the toxic enemy inside me.
A couple of months ago, I began feeling happy. At first, I thought the old “me” had returned. But now I know this is a brand-new me, clean as a mountain stream and full of light. My life is finally safe enough to welcome this essence of my true self. I’ve needed her for so many years.
Have you ever tried to take a stand against PTSD? If not, you might think about it. The more you take charge, the more likely you’ll be to gain control of your life.
[Note: You may not be far enough in your journey to stand up to PTSD. That’s okay. I was there once too. We each have a unique path and timeline for healing. We can’t rush the process.]
Three tips for taking a stand against PTSD:
1. Continue taking your medication, going to therapy, and processing the past. You need all of these to regain control over your life.
2. Take baby steps and expect setbacks. Many small victories can result in huge wins over time.
3. It never hurts to pray.
P.S. Please stay tuned. I’m just beginning my new life, and I could use the company.