Remember how it feels to barely keep your head above water? Spin out of control? Head for a black hole?

It’s like being caught in a “maelstrom,” a vicious storm or a violent whirlpool at sea.

Imagine that two ocean currents, traveling in opposite directions, try to pass each other. Each determined current tries to pull the other off its course. Their efforts to “win” spin waves into a wild whirlpool that sucks everything it encounters down, down, down.

If you get caught in the lashing winds and waves of a maelstrom, you can find your way out:

“Go deep where the current takes you. You can escape from there because the whirlpool is weakest at its center.”

Life is like this sometimes. We travel along in one direction, then suddenly tragedy slams into us like a merciless storm. Some of us drown. The rest survive, changed forever.

If your life gets caught in a menacing maelstrom, remember: You can find your way out.

“Go deep, where the tragedy takes you, where you can really understand what happened and process the pain. While you’re there, open your eyes and find the One Who Saves you. You’re not alone.”

Then come up for air. Breathe deeply. See your world in a new way. Venture out into your future.

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