Can you remember a day when something painful finally stopped hurting? Perhaps the pain came with an illness, from a fall, or after you moved furniture all by yourself.

I remember wearing a pair of shoes that rubbed two toes raw. It felt so good when I could finally take those shoes off. When the pain stopped, I literally breathed a sigh of relief.

If you have painful injuries of body, mind, soul, and psyche, I know how much you want the pain to stop. You use all resources available to process the pain through therapy, medications, and sheer determination.

Imagine that one day, there will come a moment when you suddenly realize you’re pain-free, at least for that moment. This is the fragile beginning of real healing. Over time, the moment may stretch into hours, days, months. It may become a way of life that may not be completely pain-free, but that will be pain-controlled.

This has happened to me twice. In both instances the moment came several weeks after I began a new medication that actually worked, unlike so many others I’ve tried.
When I realized I was in that fragile moment that can’t be forced, my entire being lightened. That’s the best word I have for this amazing realization that the weight of pain was lifted away.

Have you ever experienced that moment where you step out of your painful past? If not, I hope you’ll watch for that moment every day, collecting the moments until they last for minutes, hours, and days.

If you already know what this is like, I hope your moment will last and last until that painful past is but a dim memory.

These are moments to treasure.