People who have gone through trauma often wish for things that seem impossible to have. In my darkest days, I thought I would never again have hope, joy, or peace.

What seems out of reach to you?

We all know that we can’t just decide to have these things, yet we so desperately need and want them. We reach out to pull them in, but It’s like trying to catch hold of a cloud.

But today I read an eye-opening statement in Sarah Young’s book “Jesus Calling.” She says that when Christ comforts us, we are doubly blessed because:

“A living channel absorbs some of whatever flows through it.”

What if you became a channel for, say, joy? You may not have much joy, but I’ll bet you can muster up a smile for the grocery store clerk or a compliment for a friend. Those acts share joy. Plus, they leave a little bit of joy behind, in you. Then, if joy flows through your channel to another person again, even more joy will stay with you. By giving away your joy, you build up your own supply.

This works with the other qualities we long for, too. Try encouraging another person to hope … that life will change, that illness will go away, that the job will come along. As hope flows through the channel of you, it uplifts others, and it also leaves a little behind for you. The more you help others to hope, the more you’ll be able to hope, too.

Becoming peaceful someday is still a desire of mine. I’m thinking about inviting a friend to visit a peaceful place with me. If she experiences peace from our visit, I think some peace will stay with me, too. It’s a start, anyway.

I’m envisioning a big BUT forming in your mind. I think it’s called FEAR. “But I would have to leave my house.” “But I would have to meet a stranger’s eyes.” But I would have to reach out to a friend.”

Yes. Fear is an issue here.

So, try turning the channel process around: This time, try closing a channel—the channel of fear. When you let fear run through you, a little bit stays behind, and you definitely don’t want that.

This might just work. Or is it a crazy idea? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.
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