You may remember the story of Noah, a man of God who lived in a violent, chaotic world. God told Noah to build an ark and get on board with his family and two of every kind of animal. They floated in that gigantic boat for nearly a year! Imagine the joy when they all stepped out on dry land, the first inhabitants of a new world.

I was reading this story recently when I came across an intriguing question: “Have you ever been through a flood? How does your story mirror Noah’s?”

I thought about my most recent and most devastating flood, the traumatic demise of a marriage. I was drowning in a sea of betrayals until I thought I would die. Like Noah, I heard God’s voice one night. (Really.) He said, “I have other things for you to do.” Then I knew I had permission to leave the marriage.

That was the flood. What about my ark? Well, it took two arks to save me. One, a church full of dedicated Christ followers who hauled me out of the mountainous waves and loved me as I healed. The second ark was my first home in a new city. Interestingly, that home never had the feel of permanence. Like an ark, it felt like a temporary place of refuge.

It so happened that I moved to a second home, and this home is my dry ground, where I’m sending down roots and growing gardens.

Now, two questions for you:

  1. Have you ever been caught in a flood?
  2. What kind of ark came along to rescue you?

Or maybe you’re in a flood right now.

Try not to panic. Keep your eyes wide open so you won’t miss the ark when it comes by. It won’t look like an ark. It will be a person, a circumstance, a blessing, a solution, or your own enormous personal recovery project that will eventually deliver you to dry ground, where you’ll be safe. Then you can begin to build a new life.