Easy, breezy, sparkly, fun. That’s me … on good days.

But I’ve experienced trauma in my life and as a result have PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). So I also have other kinds of days.

On those days my veins feel filled with concrete; every move is an effort. My mind is dark, fighting off flashbacks. I lack confidence in myself and my future.

I want more of the good days. And I’m getting them. Here’s one of my strategies:

I write …

My story, others’ stories, and some pretty rotten poetry. Then I think about how my story could help others get through their own difficult life stories.

Let’s partner in writing our way through the hard times in life.

I’ve listened to many people’s stories, and I want to listen to yours. Tell it in bits and pieces or in a whole story start to finish—there’s no right or wrong way.

What? You’re not a writer?

That doesn’t matter. We’ll walk through the writing together, step by step, and you will have a true story when you’re finished. Or you can talk it out or let photos tell your story. The end of your story will keep changing as you change … for the better.

In writing and sharing our stories, we can find healing.

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