PTSD is a subject not often talked about.

But my new book, Hope After Trauma and PTSD: Making Sense of the Pain, brings this topic out into the open.

You can order it now in paperback or Kindle on Amazon.

In this book you will:

  • Meet others who have PTSD
  • Read helpful insights and tips
  • Find writing prompts to help you tell your own story
  • See links to a Facebook page, “Truth Be Told,” where you can share confidentially.

In my battle to loosen PTSD’s grip on me, I’ve learned how important it is to

  • write – when you’re ready
  • share – in a group that’s safe

If you, or someone you know, has experienced trauma and just can’t seem to get over it, this book can be an important aid to recovery. I hope you’ll join me and others in the book as we go beyond just surviving to building new lives.

My sympathy goes to you if you order this book for personal reasons. No one wants to have PTSD. But I applaud you for your courage in finding new ways to minimize the effects of PTSD in your life.

Hope After Trauma and PTSD is now available on Amazon. Hope to meet you again here or on our confidential Facebook page, Truth Be Told.

Sydney Segen

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Praise for Hope After Trauma and PTSD

Sydney Segen offers a clearly written and realistic portrayal of life after trauma. Her book explores this difficult topic through stories ranging from war, child abuse, domestic abuse, and medical crises. Moreover, she focuses on the insights gleaned and the resilience gained from hardship. This book provides a valuable resource and a source of hope. —Dr. Arielle Schwartz, author of The Complex PTSD Workbook

Brimming with hope and helpful tips for how to live with the fallout from severe trauma and betrayal, Sydney Segen takes readers on an inspiring and heartbreaking journey into the worlds of those who struggle with PTSD. —Laurie Hall, author of An Affair of the Mind

I just couldn’t put this book down—I read it all in one sitting. I learned that the behaviors I see in a friend are like symptoms of PTSD. Now I understand. —Bonni Engel

Sydney Segen writes from her heart and her head, bringing together personal experiences with practical, sound strategies for dealing effectively with PTSD.

Her honest sharing is both gripping and encouraging. She invites her readers to grow with her—an act of empathic compassion. When you read this book, you will meet a victor in its author. —Laura Warfel, writer and author

The book was beautifully written and well organized. I pray that those who read this book will find solace in knowing they are not alone. I must admit that some sections of the book were very painful to read, as they brought to light many issues I thought I had successfully dealt with. —M.T.

Ms. Segen’s book doesn’t give you a chance to put it down; it grabs you and doesn’t let go until she clearly shows you the path through your own experiences or the experiences of those you seek to help and understand. A saving grace to those afflicted by this crazy world we dwell in. — JDC, RN, St. Louis, MO

I would recommend this book as a useful tool toward recovery for anyone suffering from PTSD. The content is heartfelt and thought provoking, making it a relevant reading for those hoping to find healing from past trauma. —Susan Werner, Stephen Ministry leader

I learned a lot about different types of trauma, what PTSD is, and how it affects your whole life. I so appreciate how Sydney offers hope for change through God, and how He uses trusted friends, counselors, support groups, and His Word to facilitate healing. —Joann Lewis

This book is about the need to lament—to live in the lament and not run from it—yet to lament with hope because of God’s redeeming work in and through every circumstance in life. I pray that all who read it will embrace both the lament and the hope. —Rev. Margie Swenson

Working through trauma takes commitment, healthy tools, and a community of safe, loving people to walk with you. Sydney worked hard, used the resources around her, developed a healthy community and worked through the trauma of her past. I pray that many will be touched by this book and the art of journaling. You have a story to tell! So start telling it. It needs to be told! —Coach Katherine, A Circle of Joy Ministry

This book helped me know that I’m not alone. —Sharon, reader and PTSD survivor